Where To Buy Ice Cream, Cakes, & Cookies In Chattanooga

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Thanks for joining us for this discussion about the best places to buy ice cream, cakes, and cookies in Chattanooga. There are numerous dessert shops selling sweets around town and you will be learning about the top options as this blog progresses.

The best ice cream shops in your area will kick things off. Those that love vanilla, chocolate, gelato, frozen yogurt, malts, ice cream cakes, and other frozen delights have numerous options to choose from.

Bakeries where you can buy cakes, cookies, pastries, and all kinds of sweet treats will be up next. After that we will focus on donut shops, where to buy cupcakes, candy stores, and chocolate and fudge shops near you.

Then we will pivot to healthy dessert options like Chattanooga gluten free bakeries and smoothie shops. Restaurants that are known for their must have desserts in your area will round us out.

A local dessert map that has all the various venues we are mentioning throughout the post pinned on it will be shared at the end. And the curious types can find all of our other posts on the area at that link.

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

The best Chattanooga ice cream shops or some healthier frozen yogurt can be found at:

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream offers a wide range of premium flavors and artisan desserts including crunchy handcrafted waffle cones, customizable sundaes, candy-filled blasts, and thick milkshakes all of which are prepared directly in the store where they are served. For any occasion Bruster’s also offers custom cakes and pies in your preferred flavor.

The Ice Cream Show is a hip ice cream shop near you known for its customizable ice cream and fro-yo combinations. Mayfield frozen yogurt or ice cream is used and with over 17,000 distinct combinations you may create your own tastes out of over 40 fresh ingredients ranging from fruits to chocolate chip cookie dough crumbs.

Bakeries In Your Area

Great cakes, cookies, pastries, and more are available at these great bakeries:

Niedlov’s is a wholesale bakery and retail cafe that has been here for around two decades. Niedlov’s Bakery & Cafe specializes in organic whole grain bread baked with natural leavening and no added sugars or preservatives.

Jackson Bakery serves handcrafted donuts, danish, brownies, cookies, pies, cakes, rolls, creme horns, pedifours, cupcakes, and more. Koch’s Bakery is a well-known local bakery that specializes in donuts, pastries, and pies, as well as decorative cakes and cookies.

Crumbl has more than 120 rotating varieties to fulfill your sweet tooth who always has their famed milk chocolate and cooled sugar cookies on hand.

Local Donut Shops

Stop by one of these donut shops on your way to work:

Daily Tasty Donuts is a New Orleans-style donut shop that serves Louisiana apple fritters, shaved ice sno-balls, and beignets on special occasions. Julie Darling Donuts offers a unique selection of donuts and ice cream in an eccentric setting with plenty of seating.

Duck Donuts offers a range of selections or you may create your own custom dish that will be cooked to order and served warm. They have a variety of coffees, donut sundaes, and donut breakfast sandwiches in addition to selling some of the best donuts in your area.

Where To Buy Cupcakes

Custom cupcakes Chattanooga chocolate candy shops

We highly recommend these cupcake shops around town:

Cupcake Kitchen offers a wide selection of item, including cupcakes, cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, and more. Gluten-free and sugar-free versions are also available.

Gigi’s Cupcakes is a bakery franchise that offers a rotating menu of gourmet cupcakes as well as frosting-filled pastries. Chatta-Cakes Bakery specializes in custom cakes for all occasions, as well as its famous poured frosting sugar cookies. They also sell cupcakes in ordinary and premium varieties.

Candy Stores Near You

Kids will love all the options at these local candy stores:

Rocket Fizz is a candy store with a large assortment of bottled sodas in flavors like s’mores and mud pie. Candy City sells classic candy as well as modern trends like Disney’s Frozen and Marvel superhero merchandise. Chocolates, candy, toys, sodas, and a variety of other items are available.

Chocolate & Fudge Shops

When you want to buy homemade chocolate or fudge visit one of these shops:

The Hot Chocolatier sells artisanal chocolate truffles, gelato, pastries, and desserts in your area in addition to chocolate and coffee or espresso drinks.

Belle Chocolates creates excellent bean to bar chocolate with the highest quality single origin cacao and organic sugar. They can also create a custom plate or chocolate gift boxes near you for any occasion.

Gluten Free Bakeries

Cashew at 149 River Street is a light-filled, laid-back cafe that serves vegan and gluten-free baked goods and sandwiches as well as rotating specials, coffee, and tea. Catering, specialty baked goods, 5 course dinners on occasion, cooking workshops, and wholesale products are also available.

Cupcake Kitchen from our initial list also has gluten free options.


For a tasty yet healthy choice consider these smoothie shops:

Local Restaurants With Great Desserts

Must have desserts near you can also be found at these restaurants:

Alleia serves rustic Italian pizzas and handmade pastas from a vintage brick shop with an arty, modern atmosphere. Tiramisu, flourless chocolate cake, cinnamon ice cream, cheese plate, a variety of gelati, and a variety of other desserts are among the options.

Some of the great local desserts at Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant include shoe of the day, fried brownie sundae, Jan’s chocolate shoe, ice cream bowls, cinnamon roll bread pudding, homemade old shakes, and more.

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Enjoy Ice Cream, Cookies, & Cakes In Chattanooga

That is all we’ve got for now but visit us again because we plan to update this post often. After reading about all these local shops to buy ice cream, frozen yogurt, cookies, cakes, pastries, other bakery items, cupcakes, donuts, chocolate, fudge, candy, gluten free baked goods, smoothies, and even restaurants with can’t miss desserts in your area you should be ready to find your next sweet indulgence.

Don’t be afraid to let us know if any shops have closed down or if we posted anything that is incorrect in the comments. Now have fun eating your ice cream, cookies, and cakes in Chattanooga.

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