Where To Buy Ice Cream, Cakes & Cookies In Geneva

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Anyone that wants to learn about the best places to buy ice cream, cakes, and cookies in Geneva has found the right post. There are plenty of great dessert shops selling sweets around town and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

We will start off with the best ice cream shops in your area. Anyone that is searching for vanilla, chocolate, gelato, frozen yogurt, malts, ice cream cakes, and other frozen delights has plenty of options to choose from.

Up next we will get into bakeries where you can buy cakes, cookies, pastries, and all kinds of sweet treats. Then we will niche down and get into donut shops, where to buy cupcakes, candy stores, and chocolate and fudge shops near you.

Following that we will discuss some healthy dessert options in Geneva like gluten free bakeries and smoothie shops. Our last section will be about restaurants known for must have desserts in your area.

Towards the end you will find a local dessert map that has all the various venues we are mentioning throughout the post pinned on it. And all of you are welcome to look through our other posts on the region at that link if you want.

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

When you want to eat the best ice cream in Geneva or some healthier frozen yogurt try:

Fruits, creams, chocolates, infusions, and spices are among the flavors available at Manu Gelato. Arty Glaces offers fresh milk ice cream, pure fruit sorbets, and lactose-free sorbets.

Chocolats Rohr is another good shop that makes homemade ice cream that we will be linking you to later. Llaollao is a great frozen yogurt shop near you that we bet you will all enjoy.

Bakeries In Your Area

These bakeries near you should have great cakes, cookies, pastries, and more:

Since 1986 the Saint Honore has been a local artisanal bakery and tea shop in a nice and welcoming setting. Cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes, carrot cakes, biscuits, and gorgeous custom cakes are among the items Christie’s Bakery provides.

Local Donut Shops

Start your morning off right at one of these donut shops:

Loops & Coffee is a really good donut shop in your area that also serves pastries, milkshakes, smoothies, a variety of other hot and cold beverages and can customize your donuts for any occasion like birthdays, baby showers, company parties, weddings, and more.

Where To Buy Cupcakes

There are some really good cupcake shops around town:

Cuppin’s is a high-end establishment that serves a variety of coffees, handcrafted pastries, cupcakes, cheesecakes, and birthday cakes in a contemporary setting. Vanilla, chocolate, and buttercream are some of the more popular tastes available at Last Minute Cake.

Candy Stores Near You

Läckerli Huus at Louis-Casaï Avenue 27 is a great place to buy candies in Geneva, and of course many of the stores in our next list will have lots of offerings too.

Chocolate & Fudge Shops

Custom cupcakes Geneva chocolate candy shops

Buy homemade chocolate and fudge at these shops:

Obviously this is one area where this city and country really shines. Chocolate specialties, biscuits, truffles, chestnut cream, sugar-free and homemade ice cream are some of the favorites at Chocolats Rohr. In a classy counter-serve boutique with boxed gifts Switzerland Chocolatier provides homemade gourmet chocolate, truffles, candied fruits, and other cozy delicacies.

Tea, hot cocoa, homemade fruit juice, or a snack for lunch are all served with delectable pastries produced by their pastry chef including cakes, biscuits, cakes, pies, and desserts at La Bonbonnière.

Gluten Free Bakeries

Gluten free bakeries are a good healthier alternative:

Guilt-Free Desserts is an online dessert boutique that delivers high-quality cakes, tarts, and sweet delicacies that are 100% raw vegan, gluten-free, and contain no processed sugar.


Smoothies are a good combination of tasty and healthy:

Local Restaurants With Great Desserts

Lastly, these restaurants are known for their must have desserts:

Il Lago offers desserts like apple ice cream, fennel cream, Sicilian goat corn, tiramisu, chocolate, pineapple buffalo cream cheesecake, and strawberry pineapple sorbet. Living Room Bar & Kitchen is a stylish restaurant with lake and mountain views that is known to serve some of the best desserts near you like raspberry cheesecake, strudel cookies, strawberry millefeuille, light cream, and Philippe chocolate moelleux with vanilla ice cream.

We have also discussed:

Enjoy Ice Cream, Cookies, & Cakes In Geneva

For now that is all we have to share but check back in because we plan to update this post often. After reading about all these local shops to buy ice cream, frozen yogurt, cookies, cakes, pastries, other bakery items, cupcakes, donuts, chocolate, fudge, candy, gluten free baked goods, smoothies, and even restaurants with can’t miss desserts in your area you should be ready to find your next sweet indulgence.

Please use the comments to let us know if any shops have closed down, or if we posted anything that is incorrect. Now have fun eating your ice cream, cookies, and cakes in Geneva.

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