Where To Buy Ice Cream, Cakes & Cookies In Los Angeles

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The best places to buy ice cream, cakes, and cookies in Los Angeles are about to be broken down in full detail right now. There are numerous dessert shops selling sweets around town and you will be learning about the top options as this blog progresses.

The best ice cream shops in your area will kick things off. Those that love vanilla, chocolate, gelato, frozen yogurt, malts, ice cream cakes, and other frozen delights have numerous options to choose from.

Bakeries where you can buy cakes, cookies, pastries, and all kinds of sweet treats will be up next. After that we will focus on donut shops, where to buy cupcakes, candy stores, and chocolate and fudge shops near you.

Then we will pivot to healthy dessert options like Los Angeles gluten free bakeries and smoothie shops. Restaurants that are known for their must have desserts in your area will round us out.

A local sweets map that has all the various venues we are mentioning throughout the post pinned on it will be shared at the end. And the curious types can find all of our other posts on the Southwest at that link.

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

The best Los Angeles ice cream shops or some healthier frozen yogurt can be found at:

Magpies specializes in soft serve ice cream as well as scratch made pies with vegan and dairy free options.

Premium rolled ice cream as well as soft serves and other handcrafted desserts in your area with a variety of options are available at Holy Roly.

Saffron offers unique ice cream flavors such as pistachio, orange blossom, white rose, cucumber, jasmine, and dates.

Over 100 rotating frozen yogurt flavors with vegan, gluten free, non dairy, kosher, low carb, and low fat options as well as 70 rotating toppings are available at Menchie’s.

Some of Humphrey Yogart’s treats include frozen yogurt, organic and vegan ice cream, tropical fruit smoothies, green smoothies, and juices.

The Bigg Chill offers no sugar added Carbolite, fat free, and dairy free options as well as a variety of fresh low fat baked goodies seven days a week.

Delectable Korean inspired ice creams that are served in elegant goldfish shaped waffle cones are available at Somisomi.

You can have your ice cream served in a cup or cone at Joe’s Italian Ice where they also offer a wide variety of toppings as well as approximately 100 different flavors ranging from strawberries n’ cream to peanut butter cup.

Honeymee delivers soft creamy ice cream in Irvine using 100% honey, honeycombs, and fresh Californian milk from kosher certified farms.

Soda Jerks sells handcrafted sundaes, shakes, malts, ice cream sodas, and Fosselman’s ice cream.

Tutti Frutti is one of the world’s largest self serve frozen yogurt shops providing more than 80 flavors and hundreds of toppings as well as vegan, halal, gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free options.

A range of healthy toppings such as fresh fruits, superfoods, and much more are available at Go Greek Yogurteria in Santa Monica.

Over 30 organic, vegan, paleo, nut based, soy based, gluten free, and soy free rotating flavors including chocolate bliss, salted caramel zen, and peanut butter prana as well as smoothies, kombucha, banana splits, shakes, pints to go, and plenty more are offered at Yoga-urt.

Bakeries In Your Area

Great cakes, cookies, pastries, and more are available at these great bakeries:

Sweet Lady Jane has been producing some of the best handcrafted cakes, pies, and sweet snacks near you in addition to being well known for their triple berry cake since 1988.

Small layer cakes, classic snacks, pies, cakewiches, cookies, and pastries with vegan and gluten free options are offered at Cake Monkey Bakery.

Lark Cake Shop has been baking up cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, and bars since 2007.

High quality cakes, cupcakes, cookies, bars, pies, and puddings are available at SusieCakes in Long Beach.

For over 20 years Le Mirage Pastry has been serving local pastries, cakes, cookies, and Middle Eastern sweets.

Paderia specializes in traditional baked foods from all over the world including malasada, banana pudding, ensaymada, cheesecake, and Portuguese egg tart.

Over 80 different types of bread, cakes, Asian pastries, and desserts in Irvine are available at Sunmerry Bakery.

Vanilla Bake Shop excels at providing cupcakes, cookies, bars, icebox desserts, pies, tarts, cake lollipops, and elopement cakes with vegan and gluten free options.

Of course you can find great baked sweets in Los Angeles at plenty of other places we are mentioning in different sections, particularly the cupcake and gluten free sections.

Local Donut Shops

Stop by one of these donut shops on your way to work:

Where To Buy Cupcakes

We highly recommend these cupcake shops around town:

Southern Girl Desserts provides vegan, custom, and specialty cupcakes, cakes, pies, cookies, and puddings.

Handcrafted French sweets, cakes, gelato cakes, classic and decorated cupcakes, and cupcake kits with vegan options are offered at Hotcakes Bakes.

Sweet Jill’s menu features brownies, cakes, cinnamon rolls, custom cookies, and gourmet cupcakes in Long Beach that are available in different flavors such as chocolate cake fudge frosting, chocolate cake cream cheese, red velvet, classic vanilla, vanilla fudge, and chocolate peanut butter.

You can choose from an assortment of scratch made cakes, cupcakes, pies, brownies, cookies, scones, breads, jams, butters, and chocolate covered delicacies such as strawberries, pretzels, cookies, and much more with a wide variety of options at Getting Caked.

Miss Priss Cupcakes and Such specializes in miniature sweets and pastries.

Cinderella offers cookies, custom chocolates, cupcakes, cake pops, mini desserts, and many more sweet goodies near you in addition to being well known for their spectacular wedding and decorated cakes.

You can also head to the bakeries and gluten free spots we are mentioning for more cupcakes.

Candy Stores Near You

Kids will love all the options at these local candy stores:

Tuesday’s Sweet Shoppe features over 300 different types of bulk candies in your area including a variety of gummies, sours, chocolates, and salt water taffy as well as 15 distinct flavors of stick candy, over 60 different kinds of chocolate bars, and cotton candy.

Rocket Fizz is a one stop shop for all your soda pop and candy needs as well as gifts and toys from all around the United States and the world.

Over 7,000 confections as well as 300 varieties of bulk candy featuring gummies, peach rings, wax lips, pixy stix, pez, and plenty more are provided at Dylan’s. They are also known for their unique Belgian chocolate bars which come in a variety of flavors.

More than 6,000 fresh sweets ranging from old time candy favorites like Chuckles, Bit O Honey, and DOTS to all time favorites like Snickers and M&M as well as organic gummies, Cracker Jacks, and Old Trapper Jerky are available at Candy Warehouse.

Marceline’s Confectionery offers a rainbow of bulk candies in Anaheim along with flavored popcorns, luscious truffles, delectable biscuits, packaged sweets, and rare crispy rice delicacies that are shaped like chicken drumsticks.

Premium Japanese confections from renowned companies are sold at J.sweets.

Sugarfina is a high end candy store in Santa Monica carrying some of the finest candies and gourmet gifts from across the world and offers signature drinks like champagne and bourbon bears and peach bellini.

Chocolate & Fudge Shops

When you want to buy homemade chocolate or fudge visit one of these shops:

LetterPress Chocolate sells gift sets, dark bars, white chocolates, sugar free sweets, and limited edition products.

Over 300 distinct handcrafted chocolates and a huge selection of handpicked boxes that include dark, milk, and white chocolates are available at Lady Chocolatt. They also feature classic fillings like pralines, ganaches, truffles, liqueur, candied fruit, and marzipan as well as more exotic flavors such as violet, rose, lavender, Indian spices, cardamom, pink pepper, chile, and much more.

John Kelly makes 19 varieties of gourmet chocolate fudge near you as well as other items like walnut caramel clusters, molded chocolates, salted caramels, chocolate dipped fruits, and plenty more.

Gluten Free Bakeries

Custom cupcakes Los Angeles chocolate candy shops
Gluten free bakeries can provide some healthier options:

Cake Girl makes local vegan cupcakes, custom cakes, donuts, brownies, cookies, and other baked goods that are free of eggs, dairy, soy, gluten, wheat, and nuts.

Erin McKenna’s is a vegan and gluten free bakery in LA offering donuts, cupcakes, teacakes, cinnamon rolls, cookies, brownies, bagels, and jalapeno cheddar biscuits.

You can buy breads, biscotti, cupcakes, cookies, pastries, croissants, and other seasonal baked items at Twice.

Breadblok specializes in organic artisan breads, pastries, teacakes, muffins, cookies, scones, and tartlets that are free of gum, wheat, soy, gluten, and sugar.


For a tasty yet healthy choice consider these smoothie shops:

Local Restaurants With Great Desserts

Must have desserts near you can also be found at these restaurants:

The meringues, chocolates, and macarons at Bottega Louie’s are some of the most popular desserts in Los Angeles.

The Sycamore Kitchen serves wonderful pastries like their signature salted caramel pecan babka roll.

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Enjoy Ice Cream, Cookies & Cakes In Los Angeles

That is all we’ve got for now but visit us again because we plan to update this post often. After reading about all these local shops to buy ice cream, frozen yogurt, cookies, cakes, pastries, other bakery items, cupcakes, donuts, chocolate, fudge, candy, gluten free baked goods, smoothies, and even restaurants with can’t miss desserts in your area you should be ready to find your next sweet indulgence.

Don’t be afraid to let us know if any shops have closed down or if we posted anything that is incorrect in the comments. Now have fun eating your ice cream, cookies, and cakes in Los Angeles.

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