Where To Buy Ice Cream, Cakes, & Cookies In Provo

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Thanks for joining us for this discussion about the best places to buy ice cream, cakes, and cookies in Provo. There are numerous dessert shops selling sweets around town and you will be learning about the top options as this blog progresses.

The best ice cream shops in your area will kick things off. Those that love vanilla, chocolate, gelato, frozen yogurt, malts, ice cream cakes, and other frozen delights have numerous options to choose from.

Bakeries where you can buy cakes, cookies, pastries, and all kinds of sweet treats will be up next. After that we will focus on donut shops, where to buy cupcakes, candy stores, and chocolate and fudge shops near you.

Then we will pivot to healthy dessert options like Provo gluten free bakeries and smoothie shops. Restaurants that are known for their must have desserts in your area will round us out.

A local dessert map that has all the various venues we are mentioning throughout the post pinned on it will be shared at the end. And the curious types can find all of our other posts on the Southwest at that link.

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

The best Provo ice cream shops or some healthier frozen yogurt can be found at:

Rockwell is a laid-back modern ice cream shop that serves homemade old-fashioned ice cream in a variety of flavors and that also does catering. Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream is a chain that serves made-to-order and flash-frozen ice cream and yogurt including vegan and soy options.

Every customer receives original liquid nitrogen ice cream and custom frozen desserts. Bianca’s La Petite French Bakery also sells really good ice cream too.

Yogurtland is a chain that serves self-serve frozen yogurt and toppings in a modern yet casual setting. Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt is a cheerful self-serve chain that sells dozens of frozen yogurt flavors and toppings by weight.

They have nonfat, gluten-free, vegan, no sugar added, and low carb options. For a tasty treat, they have fresh fruit, sprinkles, cookies, candy, and chocolate fudge as toppings. You can order a customizable froyo cake online too.

Bakeries In Your Area

Great cakes, cookies, pastries, and more are available at these great bakeries:

The Kneaders Bakery menu includes sandwiches, hearty soups, refreshing salads, and dozens of handmade pastries, all of which are made with whole ingredients, just like their hearth breads. They also have a catering service available.

Simply Cheesecake specializes in making some of the best cheesecake near you and has a wide variety of flavors to choose from by the slice or the whole cheesecake. Bianca’s La Petite French Bakery specializes in French pastries but their menu also includes Hispanic desserts, croissant sandwiches, and custom wedding and birthday cakes.

They also offer a variety of old-fashioned ice cream as well as a diverse selection of coffee, juices, and soda from around the world.  Shirley’s Bakery & Cafe is a welcoming counter-service establishment that serves baked breads and desserts in addition to simple salads and sandwiches.

Provo Bakery is a small neighborhood bakery known for its novelty donuts, gourmet pastries, pies, and cookies.

Local Donut Shops

Stop by one of these donut shops on your way to work:

Day’s Market offers a wide variety of doughnuts including glazed, frosted, and apple fritters. Specialty doughnuts include mango tango, lime rickey, maple bacon, Oreo, Snickers, Samoa, strawberry, MJ, and peanut butter. They enjoy developing new fritter flavors too like raspberry coconut, pumpkin, lemon, strawberry, blueberry, and plain raspberry.

Donut Dreams is a counter-service restaurant chain that serves donuts and its own brand of coffee for dine-in or takeout. They sell over 300 different donuts in your area including 70 to choose from in their daily mix. Provo Bakery also has great donuts.

Where To Buy Cupcakes

Custom cupcakes Provo chocolate candy shops

We highly recommend these cupcake shops around town:

Cravings Alisha’s Cupcakes was the winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars and is a great place to buy delicious cupcakes, cake bites, custom cakes, and other desserts. The Sweet Tooth Fairy is a gourmet bake shop in your area specializing in all things sweet from cupcakes to cookies to cakes and just about everything in between.

Candy Stores Near You

Kids will love all the options at these local candy stores:

See’s Candies sells delectable candies and chocolates made in the United States. There is a candy counter where you can create your own custom mixed box of chocolates and candies. They also sell their famous boxed chocolates, truffles, nuts and chews, lollipops, and sugar free candy.

Candy Paradise specializes in Mexican sweets of all kinds.

Chocolate & Fudge Shops

When you want to buy homemade chocolate or fudge visit one of these shops:

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory manufactures approximately 300 chocolate candies and other confectionery products primarily using proprietary recipes developed by its master candy maker. Clusters, caramels, creams, meltaways, truffles, and molded chocolates are among the many products available but they also have caramel and candy apples, fudge, chocolate items, and confections.

Taste is a curated marketplace that brings together the best artisan chocolates, oils, and vinegars from all over the world. They also hold tasting classes, tea parties, and other food-related events. Taste can also create custom and made-to-order treats and goodies for special occasions such as weddings or business conferences.

Mrs. Cavanaugh’s sells delectable chocolates, candies, ice cream, and other treats. Through their website they can also ship directly to your door anywhere in the United States.

See’s Candies is another good place to buy gourmet chocolates near you.

Gluten Free Bakeries

Gluten free bakeries can provide some healthier options:

New Grains is a 100% dedicated gluten-free fresh bakery that distributes to stores and individuals across the country. Sourdough, sweet cookies, mixes, and freshly ground flours are available.

Ambrosial Bakery is a small, licensed, mobile, and custom gluten-free bakery in Utah County with over 15 years of experience specializing in high-quality baked treats, cakes, and goodies. Award-winning cupcakes, soft and chewy cookies, rich bars and brownies, cinnamon rolls, bread, and custom cakes are all available.


For a tasty yet healthy choice consider these smoothie shops:

Juice ‘n Java has been serving delicious, creative coffee, espresso beverages, smoothies, fresh-squeezed juices, and teas for over a decade. They have a large selection of locally made pastries and extremely customizable drinks so you can always find something to suit your tastes.

Jamba Juice Company is a global healthy lifestyle brand that inspires and simplifies healthy living by offering freshly blended whole fruit and vegetable smoothies, bowls, juices, cold-pressed shots, boosts, snacks, and meal replacements.

Roxberry Juice Co. is a smoothie shop in Orem that serves a variety of smoothies made with fresh fruits and vegetables as well as pressed juice.

Local Restaurants With Great Desserts

Must have desserts near you can also be found at these restaurants:

Station 22 is a laid back eatery in a unique setting that serves updated American classics, sandwiches, and veggie options. Their deep-fried cookie dough is one of the best desserts in your area.

Magleby’s Fresh is a chain that serves breakfast, sandwiches, and New American entrees in a casual, chic setting. Chocolate cake is Magleby’s most famous dessert, though lemon cake, carrot cake, and warm buttermilk pie with raspberries and fresh whipped cream are also available.

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Enjoy Ice Cream, Cookies, & Cakes In Provo

That is all we’ve got for now but visit us again because we plan to update this post often. After reading about all these local shops to buy ice cream, frozen yogurt, cookies, cakes, pastries, other bakery items, cupcakes, donuts, chocolate, fudge, candy, gluten free baked goods, smoothies, and even restaurants with can’t miss desserts in your area you should be ready to find your next sweet indulgence.

Don’t be afraid to let us know if any shops have closed down or if we posted anything that is incorrect in the comments. Now have fun eating your ice cream, cookies, and cakes in Provo.

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